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When MWiB was launched in July 2011 it was decided to wait and allow a new logo for the movement to emerge. Initially, the new movement continued to use the logos of its constituent parts, Women's Network in the Methodist Church and the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women.

After discussion, prayer, consultation and, eventually, taking ideas to a professional graphic designer, Sally Bamford several designs were submitted to the MWiB Forum meeting in March 2013 and this enchanting, clever butterfly was selected (formed from the letters MWiB, gathered around the cross).


The butterfly image represents aspects of our Christian belief. The life cycle of the butterfly has four distinct stages.

The egg: Jesus still offers new life to all who believe in him. (John 3: 1-8)

The caterpillar: As we feed on the Word of God we grow as disciples. (2 Timothy 3: 15-17)

The chrysalis: Prayer is the powerhouse for the Christian who waits on the Lord. (Ephesians 3: 16)

The butterfly: A symbol of resurrection, new life in Christ, freedom and perfection. (2 Corinthians 5: 17)

The Story of the Butterfly

One day a young woman came across a chrysalis and saw that it was just beginning to open. She decided to help the emerging butterfly on its way and so prised open the chrysalis. The butterfly emerged but its wings could never function. It had needed the time of struggle in order for the wings to be fully formed. We are sometimes tempted to try and force God’s hand. In our impatience, we forget that we learn from perseverance.

Creator God,
who delights in beauty
and sees potential within
each of us;
we thank you for
opportunities of a fresh start,
a new beginning.
We hunger for your Word,
your life in us.
We wait upon you now,
trusting you to create in us
the exquisite being
you intend.
Set us free to glorify
your name.

  For more information on MWiB, please visit their website via this link:

"Methodist Women in Britain is...
  • A new movement seeking to connect with, listen to and resource women in Methodist and ecumenical churches around Britain in a variety of ways...
  • ...and to link with Methodist women around the world, in prayer, exchanging news and face to face meetings.

Methodist Women in Britain (MWiB) is an umbrella organisation for any women - individuals or groups – who would like to be connected and to share resources and ideas.  We operate through a small executive committee and a Forum, with representatives from each district in British Methodism.

MWiB was launched at the British Methodist Conference in Southport on Friday 1st July 2011.  It includes the Women’s Network in the Methodist Church, the British Unit of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women, and lots more besides.  Whilst still remaining part of the British Methodist Church, MWiB will be run independently by volunteers, managing our own finances.


Methodist Women in Britain seeks to work in partnership wherever possible. Some of our partnerships are long standing relationships developed by women in Methodism, others are newer associations.

Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women Magnet Matthew Rusike Children's Home, Zimbabwe MCB - World Church Relationships Methodist Relief and Development Fund
More than Gold
Olympics and trafficking
Women's World Day of Prayer"

For more information on MWiB, please visit their website via this link:


MWiB Logo


Methodist Women in Britain

Report from Leeds Spring Meeting 2018 held on 16-18 February.


Again it was a joy and privilege to be with the other Forum representatives  from around the Connexion and with the Executive committee.  We learned of what was happening with various projects and legacy gifts: how it was thought the latter were to be best used. We received reports from conferences both in this country and around the world and District news. We spent times of quiet reflection and prayer seeking guidance on particular tasks we were engaged in at the time and we shared worship sessions throughout the three days - and lots of laughter, food and friendship.


Normally we arrive in time for dinner on the first evening and then socialise for the rest of the evening so that we are ‘ready for business’ the following morning.   On this occasion, however, there was so much business to be dealt with on the agenda  we had our meal at 7.30 and then went straight into the first presentation and report.  In my last report I spoke of a partnership between MWiB and Touchstone in Bradford. Touchstone is a 'listening community' with the vision of making safe places of hospitality where people with radically different cultural backgrounds can be together and listen to each other. Touchstone has worked alongside diverse communities for 25 years. The Touchstone Centre is sponsored by the Methodist Church in Britain and is open to all. The Revd. Barbara Glasson spoke of the current work of Touchstone and thanked MWiB for our financial support for their building project.  A letter of understanding between MWiB and Touchstone was signed by our President on behalf of MWiB and by Barbara on behalf of Touchstone.

She presented to us ‘Meet, Listen, Eat, Go!’ -   an opportunity for us all to take part in the mission of Touchstone and our own communities.  The idea:

Meet someone who’s different from you

Listen to someone who needs your ear

Eat with someone and get to know each other better

Go! with someone else or on your own, to take a walk or make a change.

She suggested this can be done within your churches and communities or even better on a train, in a supermarket, in a coffee shop – to be able to give someone time to talk.

Details of how this can be done are attached.  The material can also be downloaded from the MWiB website:


Please don’t let the Bristol District down and do nothing about this. It would be good if all nine Circuits sent at least one ‘story’ to Touchstone.  Details of this are on a separate attachment.


On the Saturday morning Gillian Wormsley gave her last financial report as she finishes her term of office as Finance Officer and she introduced her successor, Nina Rawlins, who has been a Forum Rep. for the Northampton District for a number of years.  Our finances are in very good order.  As usual there are bursaries available for people to attend various conferences and events organised throughout the MWiB ‘network’. Two recent legacies have now been dedicated for:-

Visual impairment - £24,665 available – churches, Circuits or Districts should email [email protected] to submit claims for suitable projects.

Hearing impairment - £60,242  available – churches, Circuits or Districts should email [email protected] to submit claims for suitable projects.  MWib is considering arranging an initial meeting to determine the scope of work for a new task group which may include training on clear speaking, technological solutions and awareness-raising.


You will be interested to hear that Carolyn Lawrence, World Federation Officer, (she is leading our Lindors Experience in March) has been in South Africa on a World Church visit with Rachel Allison and they have been staying with our Mission Partner, Jane Day.  They have been pas toral visiting, leading Bible study, visiting learning opportunities and sharing in worship.


‘At the heart…’ is the theme for the writing competition organised by MWiB inspired by the life of the Revd. Julie Hulme. You are invited to submit a meditative or reflective piece of writing on the theme in prose or poetry. It must be original and no more than 500 words.  Closing date:   Wednesday 25 April.   Winners will be announced on Friday 29 June at the Fringe Event of the Methodist Conference in Nottingham this year. Further details from the website:


WWDP – By the time you read this newsletter you will all have attended this year’s  Service, All God’s Creation is Very Good, written by the women of Suriname.  The 2022 service is to be written by the women of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  A writing team is being recruited of approx. 40, including a significant proportion under 35 years of age. There is also currently a consultation on a possible change of name to World Day of Prayer.


Swanwick Residential Weekend this year Friday 20–22 April  Oceans of Justice, Rivers of Fairness’   [Amos 5]  Keynote Speaker: Rachel Lampard.  A few places still available.


World Federation Day Quality Education for All 27 Oct 2018

Two venues, Truro Methodist Church, Cornwall and St Paul’s, Blackburn, Lancashire.

Programme to include worship, Bible study, keynote speaker, workshops, two-course lunch.


The timing of connexional quarterly mailings will in future be October, February, May and August. Prayer diary dates will be adjusted accordingly, so the next mailing will repeat March’s prayer diary.


Also in a separate attachment you will see a sheet of paper entitled  ‘Leaving the Familiar’.  This has been put together by the Connexional Team following some excellent creativity days.  It was felt that Districts, Circuits or individual churches may find it helpful in organising a day to bring people together.


There are new pages on the website for World Federation and  Pilgrimages and resource leaflets for

Touchstone;   Creativity Day ;   Writing Competition flyers;  Annual Review. 

I have given one copy of each of these  to Circuit reps. but further copies can be obtained through the website. 


Finally may I encourage you to make yourself a coffee, sit in front of your ipad or computer, and browse the web site of MWiB  – it’s well worth a visit.


Carolyn Buley,  Bristol Methodist District MWiB Forum Representative.

Email: [email protected]  Tel: 01242 244036




 sponsored walk 2012(2)

Cathy with other members of the team at the half-way point.

 This year's annual sponsored walk around Prestbury Park Racecourse to raise funds for MWiB took place on Saturday 9th June. The small team of 4 ladies representing Bishop’s Cleeve, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Methodist churches MWiB, plus one man and his dog, completed the walk.  As you can see from this photograph, the Racecourse was hosting a festival so we had music to accompany us during the walk.The weather was also warmer than last year. The generosity of the people sponsoring Cathy Bailey continues and Bishop’s Cleeve raised over £176. Cathy once again, thanks all those kind people who sponsored her for this walk. The team raised £490 for MWiB funds.



Women's Network

The Women's Network of the Methodist Church aims to encourage, enable and equip women to participate fully in the life of the Church and in society.


It does this through:

  • Training in specific skills
  • Conferences and events on issues and themes
  • Different styles of worship and ideas for worship
  • Campaigns in which women may be actively involved
  • Provision of information about other groups and resources
  • Mutual support through all of the above





 Cathy and Alice with other members of the team at the half-way point.

 On Saturday 18th June, a small team of 5 ladies representing Bishop’s Cleeve, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Methodist churches Women’ Network, plus a man and his dog, completed their annual sponsored walk around Cheltenham racecourse to raise funds for Network.  This year Bishop’s Cleeve raised over £220. Once again, thank very much to those kind people who sponsored Cathy Bailey, who, as always, is grateful for your generosity.  The amounts from the other churches have yet to be finalised.

Link to Women's Network website: